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A good story does not necessarily have a happy ending, but the reader must not be left _______. [ ]A 1
I think my friend Tony is _______to win the tennis game next Monday. [ ]A. likelyB. possibleC. proba 1
我国房地产管理制度,大体可划分为()几个方面。A.房地产城市规划管理B.房地产开发经营管理C.房地产 1
With so much _____ equipment, wood and paper in one place, there is a danger of fire. [ ]A. electric 1
()是指具有专业执业资格的人员,在房地产投资、开发、交易等各个环节,为当事人提供居间服务的活动。A 1
某房地产开发项目土地投资600万元,其中土地使用权出让金200万元,除土地以外的其他全部投资1800万 1
The poor man , _____, ran out of the dark cave. [ ]A. tiring and frightenedB. tired and frightened C 1
个人对他人情绪、情感状态的感知、体验如同身受,称作()。A.反思B.信念C.移情D.良心 1
Train services are usually ________ and run regularly every day. [ ]A. reliableB. reasonable C. flex 1
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