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—How many computers are there in the room? —________.Some workers moved them to another place just n 1
There is ____ water in my glass. Would you like to give me ____?A. a little; some B. little; some C. 1
As for the sentence in the second paragraph, "The salty cradle of life is the true church" 1
—How is Helen in the new school?—She is doing very well. There is to worry about.A.somethingB.anythi 1
From this passage we may note that this book _____.A.is about a orphan girl named Teresita 1
—Which do you like best, coffee, water or juice?—. I only like tea.A.All B.Neither C.None 1
About Teresita, which of the following statement is NOT true?A.She is a girl that deliver 1
I’ll have ________to do in English class.A.something differentB.different somethingC.anything differ 1
______ is regarded as the most English of all games.A.footballB.rugbyC.basketballD.cricket 1
—How many students are there in the classroom?—_________. They are all in the lab.A.SomeB.NoneC.AllD 1
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