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Swaying palm trees,turquoise­blue(青绿色的)water and sugar­white sand make beach lovers sigh 1
宣告失踪的被宣告人下落不明的法定期限为1年。()A.正确B.错误 1
California, once regarded as a leader in the United States for its public higher education system, r 1
我国《合同法》将违约金视为违约损害赔偿的预定额。()A.正确B.错误 1
In our world today, the media and entertainment industries are constantly focusing on beauty over br 1
自然人以他的户籍所在地的居所为住所,经常居住地指公民离开住所地之后连续居住 2年以上的地方,但 1
The increase in tuition fees(学费) has led to a “clear drop” in the number of English students apply 1
物权的权利主体是特定的,而义务主体则是不特定的。()A.正确B.错误 1
Can you imagine learning by playing games. To be sure, only children experienced some things differe 1
邻接权是指与著作权有关的权利,即作品传播者所享有的专有权利。()A.正确B.错误 1
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